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It’s great to see you’re interested in becoming an ambassador. As you may have figured out we’re really looking to start from the ground up and develop a strong family of ambassadors as we go. There is a lot planned over the upcoming year so it is a great time to join.

What does it involve?

Alphapparel is aiming to be one of the worlds’ first leading fitness brands to foster future athlete talent and support you to be the best you can be.

We’ve all seen the ‘gymshark athletes’ on Instagram and the sort of lifestyle they lead and we believe that with the right platform and brand behind you, everyone should be able to have something similar. Surely the dream lifestyle revolves around training, representing a brand you believe in and making a salary while you do it? 

We want you to reach new heights in your fitness journey, to support you in your progress and to inspire others to do the same.


 “Lead the pack.”


We are looking to make our first launch exclusive to Ambassadors and Ambassador sales. This means you can give any of your friends, family or clients an access code to the exclusive site for the first launch.  

Once you’re part of the team you gain access to:

  • 20% to 30% exclusive discount off our fitness wear
  • 15% discount code of for your friends and family
  • 5% commission on any items your friends buy with your code (this increases up to 10% depending on the number of people who use your code – after this we’d look to make you a sponsored athlete)
  • A first look at all of our upcoming launches and the opportunity to help design items within the range!

We really will be looking for your input in the upcoming collections and if we think you’ve got what it takes, we would even be willing to let you have your own collection!

As with all our athletes at this top level, we award you with exclusive ambassador status and all its benefits and opportunities. In return, you represent us across your social channels and make a concrete commitment to strive to be the best you can be.  

In order to join we ask that you invest in one of our ambassador start packs. There is a few to pick from, and they contain a selection of our high quality fitness wear at a heavily discounted price, some of which is only accessible for our ambassador athletes. This not only gets you going with a selection of Alpha fitness gear to represent us in, but also shows your personal commitment to achieving your goals. This is used to improve the ambassador experience further and enables us to found events, freebies, competition prizes and continue providing the great service we do to our ambassadors.

After confirming your ambassador pack, you will be all set to formally promote Alpha on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, even at your own gym, and if you do well in your personal progress/our monthly competitions, we will move you up the levels of the ambassador program providing you with more benefits, discounts, freebies and commission as well as getting you closer to the highly prestigious position of sponsored athlete. The most committed of our ambassadors are first in line for salaried positions in our rapidly growing company. 

If you accept to be one of our representative ambassador athletes and are happy to showcase your name and images nationwide representing alpha we would be very happy to take you on board. 


So what's in it for you?


Take part in our weekly competitions and prize giveaways – to rewards your hard work and be part of something fun

  • We run ambassador of the month – with a range of prizes to be won every month. We make it a point to treat out best and most creative promoters well.
  • Take part by liking, sharing or commenting on our posts for a chance to win many fantastic prizes from our exclusive clothing range, and soon to full accessory line.
  • Model feature with the brand. Send in creative and captivating fitness photos to our team. The best are rewarded with prizes and freebies as well as being showcased across our social media.

Team events

  • Meet ups planned in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and many more locations to be posted.
  • Professional photo/video shoots around the UK. Always followed by a team part.

Join the family

  • Tough mudders.
  • Fitness events.
  • Meet ups
  • Competitions – supplement giveaways, prizes – you want a new pair of squat shoes, give us a message before an upcoming competition and we’ll try and make that the prize.
  • Weekend long events.
  • Meet other like minded people, and get involved in the fitness community.

Money making opportunities

  • Directly link your personal discount code to our affiliate system and earn cash rewards from anyone that uses your code.
  • Recommend potential ambassadors that might suit the brand and get a boost in your affiliate %.
  • We’ve orientated it around your growth and development. Do well and earn more. The more you put into the brand the more we’ll invest in you.
  • Represent the brand well and get the opportunity to become one of our sponsored athletes. We will pay you our highest commission rates, pay for you to attend fitness expos with the brand and look to get your input in the upcoming ranges and plans for the brand.

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